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Fred Taylor, Jr.

Even though I grew up with the Kentucky Derby in my back yard, my true passion for Thoroughbred racing really started when a high school friend’s father bought a racehorse.  One race day, I was invited to join them at Churchill Downs to watch it run.  From that moment, I dreamed of being an Owner.

While doing my homework about ownership throughout the years, I've become acquainted with some very nice folks and made wonderful friends along the way.  By a stroke of good fortune, one of the people that I met was Ken Carson (General Manager of Valor Farm).  Ken truly is a steward of this industry.  He's also a glutton for punishment because he continues to put up with my measured pestering about this business.  Ken has given me some great advice, and the best has been:  

"If you can put together the 'right' group of people, then you can make ownership a lot of fun."

I had never thought about organizing a partnership; but it made perfect sense.  Keep it simple and keep it fun.  Find people who share the same passion, determination, and commitment; and provide them with the opportunity to experience all aspects of ownership from the farm to the track.  

In doing so, Mojo Racing Partners was formed to make participation affordable; to reduce the individual's risk; and to elevate the camaraderie in this sport as we go forth together.
 Everything this Partnership is about is intended to fulfill the Mojo Mission:

"Give the People What They Want."

As the Managing Partner, it's my responsibility to try to help you fulfill these expectations.  I do this by being open, honest, and upfront about all of the risks and rewards of Thoroughbred racing. To me, information is power, and I do all I can to make my Partners the most informed patrons of the sport.  I gain personal satisfaction from introducing new people to ownership and helping them become life-long Thoroughbred racing ambassadors.

I fancy myself to be a servant leader.  I'm not trying the re-invent the ownership wheel - I'm just trying to do all I can to make it better.

I invite you to read my "In The News" articles to learn more about a few of my professional accomplishments.  In doing so, I think you'll get a better picture of who I am; what I believe in; and the passion I have for keeping people informed.  Like you, I have high hopes and big dreams as a Thoroughbred Owner.  And I'm open to your thoughts, suggestions, and great ideas on the same.