Star of the Month

Southwest Airlines

June 2005 

Star of the Month

Fred Taylor
Manager of Proactive Customer Communications

Photo by David Woo

For Fred Taylor, keeping a finger on the pulse of Southwest Airlines' daily operations is a way of life. As the Manager of Proactive Customer Communications, Fred is charged with shepherding a unique approach to Customer Service whose roots are embedded in one of Southwest's Core Values—The Golden Rule.

Fred is responsible for making sure Southwest's internal and external Customers are on the same page when it comes to information and support when things don't go according to plan. The scope of Fred's responsibilities spans across 14 Departments, ranging from Ground Operations to Reservations to Employee Communications. Each morning, members from these respective groups meet to anticipate potential operational irregularities, implement a contingency plan to minimize Customer inconvenience, and develop a proactive communication effort to inform Customers should their trip get disrupted for some unusual reason.

“ I'm a pretty lucky guy, I guess,” Fred says with a smile. “The folks I work with on a daily basis are the most intuitive and caring individuals in the airline industry—without a doubt!”

When he is not busy working alongside his Southwest family members, Fred enjoys spending time with his wife, Julie, and their four children, Benjamin, 10, Madeline, 7, Olivia, 4, and Zoe, 1. Whether it's taking the family to the ballpark to catch a game, or simply spending time at home watching a movie, Fred is the quintessential family man.

“ I get a lot of practice when it comes to proactive communications and meeting people's needs,” Fred quips about his family.

Whenever the opportunity presents itself, the Taylor clan jumps on a Southwest jet and returns home to Louisville, Kentucky, where Fred was born and raised. And like many from the Bluegrass State, Fred possesses a deep passion for Thoroughbred racing, and, yes, enjoys the smooth taste of Kentucky bourbon.

Working at Southwest Airlines has given Fred the freedom to help Customers and Employees find ways to “go, see and do” things that they never thought were possible, and it's a role which Fred takes immense pride in accomplishing.

No doubt, the fruits of Fred's labor have paid off, and his efforts each and every day play an integral role in keeping the heart of Southwest Airlines pumping.

Chris Mainz