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Mojo Guidelines and Expectations

The following guidelines have been prepared to try to ensure all Mojo Partners and guests are on the same page insofar as what’s expected of everyone while we are at the track. 

A lot is happening (simultaneously) with the care, preparation, logistics, and strategy of our Runners.  If there is something that you are curious about or want to know more, don’t hesitate to ask the Managing Partner or the Trainer (if present).  Your questions are always welcome and we want to help you better understand how things work.

Please take the time to become familiar with these expectations, share them (before you arrive) with your family and friends who may join you, and contact the Managing Partner if there is something that needs to be clarified.

Barn Visits: Workouts and Race Day

·         Backside Access: Only licensed owners are permitted to go to the backside (i.e., the track barn area).  There is one exception—when the track opens the backside to the public for a sale or some other public event. 

·         Permission: Do not go to the barns unannounced. Mojo requires permission from the Trainer and that permission should be coordinated via the Managing Partner.

·         Yield to Horses/Horsemen: Always be alert and yield to any horse/rider/groom/vet/track official the moment you enter the backside area—this doesn’t matter if you are driving or walking.  Be on the lookout for directional signs—traffic patterns are changed based on the time of day and training hours.  There’s a flurry of activity (horses coming and going to/from the track) and they always have the right away.

·         Barn Entry: Do not enter the barn without looking for horses who may be walking around the shed row and/or entering/leaving the barn.  If you don’t see anyone as you approach the barn, announce your presence with a short “hello,” ask for the Trainer, and go to the Trainer’s office inside the barn at the end of the shed row.

·         Stalls: Mojo owners are not permitted in the stalls.  Never go into the stalls and do not retrieve a horse from their stalls—no matter your experience with horses.  Only the Trainer and/or his Staff are allowed in the stalls and only the Trainer/Staff are permitted to retrieve a horse from the stalls.

·         Horse Walker:  If any horse is attached to the horse walker (it looks like a swing set outside of the barn), do not approach the horse.  The trainers and grooms place the horses on these walkers to cool off and/or dry after their workouts/races.

·         Other Horses: Do not touch or handle other owner’s horses.  They don’t belong to us, we don’t have the owner’s permission to touch them, we don’t know their state of being or disposition, and we don’t want to be accused of tampering.  Thus, as a general policy, please don’t handle other owners’ horses.

·         Handling 101: Ask permission before you touch any Mojo horse.  Horses have peculiar behaviors, depending on their mood/mannerisms, some bite, some fling their heads, some rear up, some kick, and some may try to grab and pull you into their stalls.  Until you know the disposition of the horse, do not assume they are friendly and want to be touched.  (This may seem odd, but needs to be said: Do not attempt to ride or place any child atop any horse.)

·         Stay Clear: If there are horses being walked around the shed row, stand clear (stay a horse-length away) and do not block their progress and don’t stand behind them.  Horses unfamiliar with anything can spook easily, which may cause them to rear up, kick, and/or run uncontrollably.  Always try to approach a horse from the front left or right side so they can see you (the 1 o’clock or 11 o’clock position—because of the position of their eyes, horses have a natural blind spot directly in front of them).  And, if you are walking around a horse and there isn’t much clearance, place your hand on its hip so it knows you where you are at all times.  

·         Treats: Most horses like treats; however, we don’t want to feed them anything that will create a bad behavior (i.e., biting because they’ve become peppermint junkies) or contain a foreign substance that could affect a drug test.  Carrots and the hay ball next to the stall door are always good snacks for the horses.  BE CAREFUL WHEN FEEDING A HORSE.  Flatten your palm, keep your thumb down, and remove your hand slowly as soon as the horse takes the treat.

·         Race Day: Mojo Owners are not allowed in the barn before any race no matter the race time (even if it’s the last race of the night).  After the races, a coordinated barn visit can be arranged.  Mojo likes to take Partners to the backside to visit with our horses at the end of the race card.

·         Pics/Video: All Mojo Partners are welcome to take photos and video of any Mojo Runner.  In fact, please share those with the Managing Partner—they might be posted on the Mojo Facebook and Twitter pages.  If you take a picture/video with a person in it, make sure you have their permission before you post it online.  (Pics and videos of horses working out on the track typically do not require permission to be publically posted because they are in a common use space that is open to the public.)  Always review the photo and listen to the audio before posting to ensure the background images/commentary are not offensive.

Race Day: Clubhouse

·         Parking: Licensed owners are allowed to park in the horseman’s lot.  Unlicensed Partners and guests are responsible for their parking in the main parking areas at the track.

·         Admission: Mojo will try to provide free admission to the Partners (when needed/practical).  All Partners are responsible for their guests’ admission, parking, their guests’ arrangements, their guests’ accommodations (if they live out of town), and their guests’ behavior. 

·         Seating 1: Mojo will try to arrange a meeting spot at the track for the Partners to gather, and the Managing Partner will send a text message to the Partners who RSVP for that location on race day.  (Typically, the Managing Partner will request a couple of tables in the track dining room on race day.) 

·         Seating 2: Based on the size of our racing group, there may not be seating available for all Partners and guests at the Mojo tables. Mojo arranges seating based on anticipated Partner attendance only.  In these situations, we all may have to stand around the table in “happy hour” fashion.  Capital Partners always have first dibs on the seating.

·         Food and Beverages: Mojo will provide appetizers to share.  Alcohol and meals for Partners and guests have to be purchased separately by the Partners unless the Managing Partner specifically states that will be covered by Mojo Thoroughbred Holdings, LLC.

·         Priority Access: Partners are welcome and encouraged to bring as many guests (family, friends, and associates) as you like; however, Capital Partners and Partners should always have preference to the Mojo access. 

·         Introductions: Please take the time to introduce your guests to all of the Partners and the Trainer.

·         Tipping: Be sure to tip our servers generously.

Race Day: Saddling Paddock

·         Access: All Mojo Partners and guests are invited into the saddling paddock for our race.

·         Escorts: Unlicensed Partners and guests have to be escorted by a licensed Partner.

·         Prohibited Items: Cups, glasses, food, and signage are not allowed in the saddling paddock—this is for safety purposes.

·         Cameras: You can bring personal cameras to take as many pictures of the Mojo horses as you like.  Be sure to share your pics/videos with the Managing Partner because we like to post them on the Mojo Facebook and Mojo Twitter pages.

·         Going to the Paddock: The Mojo Group will proceed to the saddling paddock as soon as the horses in the previous race cross the finish line.  If you don’t go to the saddling paddock with the group, you will have to gain admission to the saddling paddock on your own.

·         Position: Once in the saddling paddock all Mojo Partners are to stand in the designated spot that corresponds with the post position number of the Mojo Runner.

·         Group Photo: The Managing Partner will typically take a photo of the group (before the horses enter the saddling paddock) to post on the Mojo Facebook and Mojo Twitter pages—so, please be timely. 

·         Stay in the Designated Spot: Do not go into the saddling stalls, the jockeys’ quarters, or the silks room.

·         Be Aware: Remember, you are in an enclosed area, and you need to always be watching the horses in case one gets away from the groom or trainer.  The experience of the horse (or lack thereof), the size of the crowd, the actions of the people in the paddock, as well as the natural tension of the horses before a race, can scare a horse and cause it to rear up, kick, and run.  For safety purposes, when in the paddock, watch each other’s back to ensure everyone stays safely out of harm’s way.

·         Don’t Touch: Do not approach/touch the horses that are entering the saddling paddock and are being walked around the saddling area. Do not interfere with the trainers, grooms, or jockeys—there are regulations around who should be handling the horses.

Race Day: Rail Birds

·         Watching the Race: You are welcome to watch the race in any public space at the track, at the designated Mojo area, or with the Mojo Group trackside. 

·         On the Rail: Once all of the horses have left the saddling paddock, depending on the track, it’s common for the Mojo Group to stand on the rail and watch the start of the race on the big screen then literally “feel” the horses thundering down the stretch—sometimes, this is down by the winner’s circle (if the track permits it).

·         Access: Only licensed owners and guests escorted by licensed owners are allowed in the tunnel to the track and/or winner’s enclosure.

·         After the Race: Unless the Mojo Runner wins, all Mojo attendees must immediately clear from the winner’s enclosure before the horses return to rail to have their tack removed.

·         Win Photo:  If we are fortunate that a Mojo Runner wins, then all Mojo Partners and guests are welcome to be in the win photo.  The Mojo Group should quickly proceed to/gather in the photo spot in the winner’s enclosure so the horse has room to be led in.  Do not approach the horse.  Mojo Partners should be positioned up front and guests to the side or behind the Partners.  The Managing Partner will send an official win photo by the track photographer to all Partners shortly after they are received at the Mojo Headquarters.

·         Post Race Review:  Once the race ends, the Managing Partner and Trainer will review the race replay and discuss the performance of the horse(s).  Either the Managing Partner and/or the Trainer will share their assessment with the Partners shortly thereafter.  If you don’t hear anything right away, don’t become concerned—sometimes it takes longer to sort out what took place and how the horse(s) performed.

·         Race Analysis: Before and after the race, Mojo (via the Managing Partner or designated associate) will post updates/commentary via the Mojo Facebook and Mojo Twitter feeds.  A more-thorough analysis of the race will be sent by the Managing Partner to all Partners via e-mail, and an article will be published on the Mojo website with links posted on the Mojo Facebook and Mojo Twitter feeds.


      If you have any additional questions about participating in a Mojo Group, please contactFred Taylor, Jr. - Founder, CEM, and President - Mojo Thoroughbred Holdings, LLC.