Mojo Trainer

The Sport of Horseracing is one in which agreements between two contracting entities (in this case the Owners and the Trainer) are fulfilled on a handshake.  As such, it is very important for both parties to clearly communicate each other’s intentions so that each party’s values, expectations, and goals are understood before any “goods” are exchanged for the service.

The key to success in this regard is good communication.  Though the Trainer’s services are not bound by the Terms of the Partnership’s Agreement, the Trainer is part of the “Mojo Family” and should be treated (and expected to conduct his/her business) with the same respect.

The way Mojo Racing Partners lays the ground work for a mutual agreement between our Partnership and our Trainer is through our Mojo Mission. 

  • We do not tell our Trainer how to run his/her business, nor do we think it is necessary to monitor his/her training activity.  After all, the Trainer has more experience with horses and racing than we do.
  • Through the Managing Partner, the Partners get to know the condition, location, workout times, breeze dates/times, breeze results, and candid thoughts about our Runners’ abilities and potential.
  • Through the Managing Partner, we will share with our Trainer the Partnership’s intentions for each Mojo Runner with the hopes of trying to achieve these goals by following the Mojo Ethics every step of the way.
  • Through the Managing Partner, we will discuss with our Trainer all options for each Mojo Runner before a decision is made to enter a race.
Stay tuned for the latest "News and Notes," and here's to keeping our Mojo workin’!